The Pakhlavan Mahmoud Mausoleum is surrounded by an abundance of tombs, some stacked higglety-pigglety on top of each other. Many Khivans wanted to be buried next to Pakhlavan Mahmoud's tomb believing that they will achieve a shortcut to paradise by grabbing onto his garments when he is quickly whisked into heaven on the Last Day.
Just to the right of the Pakhlavan Mahmoud complex lies an interesting grave of an old woman which displays early stirrings of pre-Soviet feminist sentiment. The inscription states, 'You have heard it said that a woman is long of hair but short of mind. However remember this, it is a woman who gave you life and who brings out the goodness in you. One day you too will be old and die, so show the respect and courtesy to women that they deserve.'
Don't miss the view from the tombs to the left of the Pakhlavan Mahmoud ensemble which is one of the loveliest in Khiva. The glinting green of the dome contrasts with the glittering majolica blues and turquoises whilst the Juma Minaret soars in the background.