Khiva Silk Workshops
We have put a lot of effort into ensuring that our designs are creative and original and we hope that you like them too! We have three main collections of carpets and suzannis: our Timurid Collection, which are carpets and suzannis based on designs taken from 15th Century Miniatures, our Khiva Majolica Collection based on the dazzling turquoise, white and deep blue tiles that adorn the madrassahs, mausoleums and palaces of Khiva, and finally our Khiva Doors and Pillars Collection, based on the intricate carved wooden doors and pillars in Khiva. Both our Timurid collection and Khiva Majolica Collection maintain the colours found in the original carpet or tile. With our Khiva Doors and Pillars Collection, however, we are freer with our colour palette, and often involve clients in deciding the colour scheme of the carpets and suzannis.
We've grouped all of our products according to design in case you want to accessorise! You could order a carpet and matching cushion covers, or even curtains and table-cloths. Click on the links below.